Every year our goals get higher but our ambition increases.  In order to achieve our goal, a lot of work and effort has to be put into building an efficient and well machined robot from the ground up, as well as shoring up the resources for travel expenses, robot parts, and any other needs the team might have.

Our team consists of approximately thirty students and six mentors. Each school year, new students come and senior students graduate and attend college with the experience of a lifetime which only FIRST can provide. Being a veteran team in the field gives us pride in what we do and that allows us to move forward towards bigger and better goals for the upcoming season.

RamTech 59 is seeking sponsors who believe, as we do, that supporting Robotics is an investment in the future.

How your sponsorship benefits
our team and the community?

How your sponsorship benefits our team and the community?


Help pay for students travel expenses

Donate equipment

Donate Services

Provide Internship Opportunities

NOTE: All monetary/service donations are Tax Deductible (501c3). Please make donations out to Miami Coral Park Sr. High on behalf of Ramtech Booster.


If you would like to support our club with a monetary donation, please click below. 

Any amount is greatly appreciated. We at Ramtech thank you for your donation.

Equipment Donations

If your company would like to support our club by donating equipment, Please fill out the contact form with your contact information and a description of the equipment you would like to donate. We would like to thank you for your support.


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