On Saturday, October 22nd, RamTech competed at the offseason event, Mission Mayhem. At this offseason event, we brought rookies who had only just begun to practice with the robot. To prepare them for this competition, we put the drivers and operators through extensive driving courses, some taken out different course books such as Ten-80 or police driving manuals. We were able to test how they were able to drive for a set amount time, both forwards and backward.

At the offseason event, we rotated between two different drivers so they would both get experience in a competition setting. Both of the drivers were able to quickly and semi-effectively learn the game while also keeping the team in the better part of the ranking. Doing this throughout the competition, we were able to secure the 13th seed spot to get picked up by the 7th seed alliance. When we were picked up by this alliance, the team voted to have only one of the driver alternating drivers compete in order to remain consistent in the playoffs.

As a team, we were able to go 1-1 in the quarter-finals when it was two on three for one of the matches. We were able to learn from our experiences from the competition and also had a lot of fun competing in this offseason event.

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